Discovering London

Being at university in London is both a blessing and a curse. There’s all these amazing things to do and see, so many restaurants and cafes, museums, galleries etc. etc., but I also have so much work to do I rarely get out to explore. Today, I thought I’d tell you about one of my favourite little cafes that I went to with my friends.

It’s an Italian cafe based in Rome named Said; it’s on Broadwick Street, just off of Oxford Circus and very close to Carnaby Street so it’s pretty central. It doesn’t just serve hot chocolate though, don’t worry! The atmosphere in there was also fantastic, it was small but it was full of people, I doubt that place ever has a quiet day. These things make it one of the absolute shining stars in London so if you’re ever over here, I definitely recommend it!

The reason I’m dedicating an entire blog post about it is because it serves the most amazing Italian style hot chocolate. It’s so rich and indulgent, its definitely more of a treat than a regular drink.


Yes, that is melted milk, white and dark chocolate covering the sides of the mug. Yes, it almost gave me diabetes. Yes, it was the best hot chocolate I’ve ever had.

In terms of my posting schedule, I still haven’t got it quite right. I think what I might do is post something more lifestyle-y/uni/london based on a Monday, a Waiting on Wednesday post on Wednesday (obviously), and something else on a Saturday and Sunday depending on my work schedule. This might change though but I’ll let you know!

Tell me if you want to see more/less of these types of posts though.

Until we meet again,





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