A topic that has been brought up recently is the topic of sexism in relation to books, all thanks to this bastard:

Taken from Twitter

I’ll just let that sink in for a minute…

The concept that a girl can’t enjoy taking care of her appearance while enjoying a book is absolutely ridiculous; it summarises the sexist and misogynistic values people still hold and I believe, as I’m sure every other girl will agree, that we should not stand by and let these ideas prevail.

!!!!!!Beauty and books are not mutually exclusive!!!!!! I cannot stress this enough.

I was talking to someone about a book I read and enjoyed recently and their response to me was that I ‘dont look like that sort of girl’. I’m sorry, what??? Please define ‘that sort of girl’. It pisses me off beyond belief when people assume, but it pisses me off even more when peoples assumptions are sexist like in the photo above.

I have so much more to say on this matter but I fear that if I carry on, I’ll either burn through my laptop keys or burn through my fingertips. How is it 2016 and people still believe that as a female, you have to look a certain way to be a bookworm or enjoy a comic book?

If only arguments came to me as easily in exams as they do about sexism.

*Disclaimer: I absolutely do not hold these opinions against everyone and I do not think all men are sexist and misogynistic, I just think issues like this need to be raised and addressed because of how unreasonably common they are.*

Until we meet again,



One thought on “Sexism.

  1. Great post! I was so angry when I read this comment. It’s crazy how sexist society is on a whole when it comes to reading. I love how he didn’t even mention the successful male BookTubers, just the female ones :/ I loved all the discussion it brought though and how (most of) the community handled it! Being interested in tech and computers I’ve had to deal with “do girls even know how to use them” so many times, lmao. It’s so stupid. No one has to look a certain way to be able to like/do something.

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