The Sunday Post.

Sunday is most definitely my favourite day of the week; it’s a day where I can do nothing and not feel guilty about it! However, I’ve barely done anything this week so it’s pretty much like any other day.

Books purchased:

These editions are absolutely amazing, I finally completed my collection! I’m also incredibly excited to read the Cursed Child, hopefully I’ll have a review up some time next week!

Books read:

Yes I’m definitely in a Harry Potter mood because the only books I read this week were Harry Potter. Mind you, with the release of the Cursed Child, I bet everyone was doing the same.

Other bits…

This week, as I’ve previously mentioned, I got myself out of a two month slump and explained all inΒ this post.

However, I did have an absolutely beautiful lunch at The Pig near Bath!


What did you all get up to this week? Leave a comment! πŸ™‚



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