Favourite Book Shops in London.

A little bit of a different post today; I was supposed to write a book review but I haven’t read much recently 😦 Anyway, living in London has meant that I have very easy access to some incredible book shops. If you’re visiting London then make sure you go and have a look!


Daunt Books,Β Marylebone.

Daunt books is an absolutely beautiful shop, especially if you love a traditional library. The oak bannisters and huge skylight give it the nicest atmosphere; this is definitely one of my favourite places.


Waterstones, Piccadilly.

This is by far the biggest book shop I’ve ever been in. With a whopping 8 floors, there is absolutely no way of going in and not finding a book you want. As much as I love this shop, the accessibility of books is dangerous to my bank balance (goodbye student loan, hello rice for a week).


Lutyens & Rubinstein, Notting Hill.

Although I haven’t visited this one myself, it is one of the cutest bookshops in London.

There are so many bookshops in London Β where you can find a variety of new and second-hand books; it would be great to go and explore them soon! One of my favourite things about London is that wherever you go, you’ll always find an independent store, it’s like finding a hidden gem amongst the boulders of chain shops.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed todays post! Feel free to comment below your favourite bookstores where you live or in London!



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