The Sunday Post.

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I’ve just spent the past week in Florence where the sun was shining every day without a cloud in the sky; I returned to England yesterday evening to pouring rain. It’s fair to say I almost cried when they opened the aeroplane doors. However, as much as I loved spending time with some great friends wishing I could spend the rest of my life there, I’m happy I’m home (where else can you spend the day on the sofa and not feel guilty about it?).

Anyway, for this weeks Sunday Post I thought I’d share with you a few pictures I took while I was out there!


Could you believe this is the view from my friends house?! I’m in love


This week included a lot of beautiful sunsets, wonderful food and happily aching feet from exploring one of my favourite cities. If you’re ever given the chance to go to Florence, grab it and don’t let it go!

This week I’ll be back to blogging starting with a possible book review tomorrow!




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