Top Ten Tuesday

Top Ten Tuesday is something that I’ve always loved reading but never really thought about putting it on my blog. This weeks theme is television so this post will be dedicated to my top ten favourite television shows! (In no particular order..)

1. Game of Thrones.


2. Gilmore Girls.


Lets be real, we are all Rory Gilmore.

3. Friends.


4. House, M.D.


He makes me feel less guilty about being grumpy.

5. The U.S Office.


I feel ya Michael Scott.

6. Orange is the New Black.


7. Outnumbered.


Always always a favourite in our family.

8. Being Human.


9. Sherlock.


10. Top Gear.


With the original presenters of course. Top Gear is my go-to when I don’t know what to watch because there isn’t a single episode that I can’t watch over and over.

I’m still not entirely sure how to sign my posts off these days so this is my lame way of saying I hope you enjoyed this post and let me know what your favourite tv shows are too!


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