Getting Over a Book Hangover

Book hangovers are the worst but we all get them; they’re an unfortunate consequence of finding a book that has blown you away. No one is ever immune from the effects of a fantastic book and so today I have gathered my top 5 tips on getting over a book hangover!

1. Talk to Twitter

Twitter is becoming my best friend. Send out a tweet telling people of your struggles and I can guarantee you someone is going through the same hangover from the same book; even if they don’t, it’s so much fun to vent it out through a thread of tweets so you can talk to yourself in a way that is socially acceptable.

2.Β Get straight back on the horse

Yep, one of my favourite cures is to dive straight back in with another book, even if it’s one I have already read.

3. Read the opposite

Linking with the previous point, it can also be useful to read something that is of a completely different genre to the book that gave you a nasty hangover.

4. Review it

Similarly to number 1, writing out all of your thoughts and feelings into a blog post, Goodreads review or even just for yourself is a great way to relieve your brain of everything and cure that book hangover.

5. Sleep it off

After finishing a great book, one of the best things to do is to go straight to sleep rather than stay up thinking about it and dwelling. A good nights sleep can sometimes clear your head of everything that happened in the book and leave you feeling more rational and can prevent you from overthinking.

Those are my favourite ways of curing a book hangover!

Do you use any of these tricks to get over a book? If not, what are some of your ways?

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8 thoughts on “Getting Over a Book Hangover

  1. Those are all good tips! Instead, when I finish a really good book I go on Instagram to look for fanart or fellow fans so I can say how good the book is ahah then probs change my lockscreen, but a few themed candles and breath in the smell of my obsession every night until I feel like I’m sick of the smell ahahah not a good strategy, I agree.

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  2. I never knew what a book hangover felt like until I read “I’ll Give You The Sun” ! I scrolled down through fanarts on tumblr and made a thread of my favorites, wrote a review on my former blog and made a tumblr post with all of my favorite quotes and scenes and then I read a totally opposite book (An Ember In The Ashes) and I believe it kind of helped, even if I still think about the book sometimes. I might re-read it someday.

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  3. Great post, Becca! Book hangovers are the best and worst things ever, haha. It’s so great that you love a book so much that you can’t stop thinking about it, but it’s annoying when you can’t read anything else. Twitter is my go-to! I also search YouTube for any BookTube videos and then go to Tumblr and reblog everything I can find πŸ˜‚

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