HOW TO: Read More Books

Todays post is again, on the topic of managing your reading schedule/routine. I’m going to tell you my top tips on how to read more books and get more out of your reading experience, I hope they help!

  1. One book at a time: It’s so easy to want to read more than one at a time, especially when there are lots of new releases. Reading more than one book can get confusing and there’s an unexpected amount of stress and pressure. Reading one book at a time means you can fully immerse yourself in one story.
  2. Don’t set yourself too high of a target: A high target puts pressure on you to stick to it whereas a lower target just gives you some motivation and something to complete. A lower target is more achievable and you’ll feel even better by reading more than your target, its a win-win!
  3. Work out what you enjoy reading: By figuring out what you really want to read, regardless of whether they’re popular or if other people don’t enjoy them. Reading books you know you won’t enjoy is a complete waste of time and like my first pointer, reading books you know you’re more likely to love means you’ll be fully immersed and probably end up reading faster.
  4. Document what you read: I find it much easier to increase how much I read when I’m documenting everything. Goodreads is the best platform for doing this because you can update what you’re reading by an exact percentage. I also really love Twitter, i find it so much easier to interact with others and discuss what I’m reading there.
  5. Audiobooks: The only time I’ve ever really used an audiobook was for Wuthering Heights when I was studying it for my literature A-Level because it was easier to take notes. Personally, they’re not my favourite but I know that other people really enjoy them and find them very useful when they don’t have the time to sit and read.
  6. Don’t take the fun out of it: It’s all well and good wanting to read lots but at the end of the day, reading is for enjoyment and there’s no point in trying to force it; as long as you’re reading what you want to read and at your own pace then it’s fine!

If you’re not enjoying reading then take a break and come back in a week or so! I hope this list gave you a few pointers as to reading more books, even if some don’t appeal to you, I’m hope there’s one here that will!

What are your tips on reading more books?


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4 thoughts on “HOW TO: Read More Books

  1. All great tips! I often fall into the trap of reading to many books at one point in time, there’s just so many out there that need to be enjoyed! But it’s worth taking time to read just one after the other so you can fully submerge yourself into each individual story!

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  2. I agree with all of these. Sometimes I give into the hype of certain YA books and I usually regret it, I know YA isn’t really my thing so I need to stop doing it! It seems like a lot of people get super stressed by huge TBRs too so keeping them short is a good tip!

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