This is something very different for my blog but I am enjoying branching out slightly. I can almost guarantee that if you are a fan of Harry Potter then you have been dying to know what the famous Butterbeer tastes like. Todays post will give you a whole bunch of Butterbeer based recipes from some of the best blogs out there at the moment, I hope you enjoy!

  1. Butterbeer by Dine & Dish
  2. Butterbeer Latte by The Grant Life
  3. Butterbeer Cupcakes by Half Baked Harvest
  4. Hot Chocolate by Bakingdom
  5. Butterbeer Cake by Eat It and Say Yum
  6. Ice Cream Float by The Cottage Market
  7. Butterbeer by Martha Martha
  8. Pancakes by Sugar and Soul
  9. Frozen Butterbeer by Raegun Ramblings
  10. Alcoholic Butterbeer by Food in Literature (age restrictions apply!)
  11. Healthy/Vegan Butterbeer Smoothie by Bren Did
  12. Butterbeer Fudge by Cookie Dough and Oven Mitt
  13. Hot Alcoholic Butterbeer by Feast of Starlight (age restrictions apply!)
  14. Butterbeer Ice Cream by Food in Literature
  15. Butterbeer Cookies by Just a Pinch

Throughout the next few weeks I’ll try and test out all of these recipes! Would you be interested in knowing my thoughts? Let me know in the comments!

Do you have any Butterbeer recipes of your own?



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