My Dream Reading Space.

My second year of university is over and I finally have some free time to read, blog and get back into my non-academic routine!

Today’s post is going to be all about my dream reading space; my style, just like many of you, is definitely rustic and warm with soft lighting and hundreds of cushions. I feel this is the best post to re-boot my blog as it hopefully you as well as I!

To start with, what’s a reading space without a bookshelf?


This beautiful bookshelf is the Athens Library in French White from Arhaus. The reason this is one of my favourites is because it’s perfectly vintage-looking and would instantly make me feel as if I’m in a beautiful house in the countryside rather than my flat in London.

P.S – the ladder… remind you of anything?


The next necessity on my list is, of course, seating. Now then, in an ideal world I would have a window seat full of cushions, but in the more likely case of a missing window seat I would absolutely love a huge comfortable corner sofa! For example, I can just imagine this enormous sofa in the colour ‘Theatre Cream’, again from Arhaus, covered in mounds of soft blankets and cushions to create ultimate comfort.

Speaking of cushions and blankets, my favourite place for soft furnishings is John LewisI would absolutely love to create a colour theme on the sofa and include different textures such as these:


All this comfort, but no where to put your cup of tea or coffee! I found this amazing coffee table on Arhaus that reminded me so much of one that used to be in my house when I was younger. However, I am incredibly indecisive when it comes to these things; it took me almost an hour scrolling through all of these! They’re all so lovely and vintagey looking, it was hard to narrow it down!


In terms of other soft furnishings and accessories, my home town has lots of little boutique homeware stores that are full of things I would love to fill my house with! On the other hand, I’m currently living in London for university and as you can imagine, the options here are endless. I think it would take me weeks to decide!!

Lighting is just as essential as furniture when creating the perfect reading space. As expected, fairy lights and candles are a must in order to make the room perfectly atmospheric, the more the better.


Realistically though, we need a proper light in order to really get into a good book. This antique pendant light is a perfect addition to any reading nook as it’s subtle but provides light as well as looking really great. To me, finding the perfect lighting for a reading space is key, you’ve got to be able to set the right atmosphere (or is that just me?). Everyone is different with how they chose to decorate their room and sometimes I feel like one reading space just isn’t enough sometimes! All of these different styles make me want one of each, but I know if I actually followed my heart and put in all of the lamps I love then my cozy reading space would end up looking/feeling not so cozy and more like I was living on the sun…


I must say, a lot of my home furnishing inspiration comes from Pinterest in terms of styles, colours and overall atmosphere – who doesn’t want to achieve the perfect space? A lot of my inspiration came from the Arhaus Pinterest and Instagram, their style somehow managed to pinpoint my own exactly!

Let me know what your ideal reading space would look like in the comments!


Featured image: Annie Spratt, found on






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