Book Blogger Showcase

For todays post, I’m going to show you my absolute favourite, go-to book bloggers and BookTubers; these are the people I will immediately read or watch when they’ve uploaded, and those who’s reviews and recommendations I will always trust!

The first on my list is Carol @ The Reading Wallflower. She is an all-knowing being when it comes to the New Adult/Romance genre and someone I will always go to when I need a recommendation as her videos are always fantastic! You can find her on YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram.

Next up is Zoë @ Readabilitea. The reason I love Zoë’s blog is because she reads such a diverse range of books; if I want to read a great book that might be slightly more under the radar then I’ll check her reviews! Here’s her blogTwitter and Instagram!

Third is the multi-talented Taylor Marie! She’s a fantastic photographer and is currently writing her own novel that I am very much hoping to get my hands on! You can check out her beautiful blog here, her Twitter here, and Instagram here!

This one isn’t technically a blogger or a YouTuber, but a friend from Twitter. Her name is Katelyn Powers and I strongly advise you to follow her on Twitter if you want some fantastically spot-on comic book and graphic novel recommendations!

The next on my list is Lauren @ Wonderless Reviews! Her blog is always super informative and her blog posts are so detailed, it really is a joy to read! She really knows her stuff so go and follow her for some great book reviews and advice posts! Follow her blog and Twitter!!

This is something a little bit different for my blog but I think it’s important to spread the word of great bloggers around! These are in no particular order as I love and respect them all equally, I recommend you go and check them all out as they’re always producing top quality posts!


Featured image: Martina K found on


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