BOOK REVIEW: Kiss Me in New York



Title: Kiss Me in New York

Author: Catherine Rider 

Genre: YA Contemporary/Romance 

Rating: ★★★★☆

Publication date: 3rd October 2017

Publisher: Kids Can Press

Available for pre-order: Amazon/Book Depository

It’s Christmas Eve at JFK in NYC.

Charlotte is a British student, waiting for a flight home after the worst semester of her life. Anthony is a native New Yorker, surprising his girlfriend at the airport after three months apart. Charlotte has just been dumped, and Anthony is about to be dumped, right in the middle of the holiday crowd.

Charlotte’s flight is canceled when a blizzard blows in, and Anthony can’t bear to go home. So, they set out into the city together, clutching a book Charlotte picks up in the airport gift shop: Ten Easy Steps for Getting Over Your Ex. For this one night, they’ll focus on healing their broken hearts … together.

Step-by-step, the two struggle to put the past behind them. But the snow is so enchanting, and the holiday lights are so beguiling, that soon their shared misery gives way to something else. Soon, they’re not only over their exes — they’re falling for each other.

Then a subway ride splits them up by mistake. Will they reunite before Charlotte’s flight leaves New York forever?”

I absolutely loved this book, I don’t even know where to start! As you will have read by the blurb, this book is about two strangers who haven’t had the best luck in terms of romance; they meet by chance on Christmas Eve at JFK and somehow end up roaming the streets of New York City trying to make themselves feel better with the guidance of the book.

The romance of this book was so cute and fluffy, exactly the type of contemporary I love to read! Although I think my favourite thing about this book is that it’s a Christmas romance. I spend the summer months dreaming of winter and Christmas and so coming across this book mid-July was the best thing in the world! The story was so wonderful I could place myself right inside the world of Charlotte and Anthony. As the story is set in NYC, it didn’t really require much description which is absolutely fine because we all know what city streets look like! Plus, Rider’s fantastic writing of the dialogue between Charlotte and Anthony along with descriptions of their interactions kept my focus solely on the characters, I barely thought about the specifics of the backdrop!

As a Londoner, I look forward to Christmas all year round to see all of the decorations and lights that are put up along Oxford Street and Regent Street, I look forward to going to all of the big department stores and wandering for hours, but most of all I feel like the people are happier and more light-hearted around Christmas time! It really did make a nice change to think about the way New York City would look at Christmas (along with some prompts from Home Alone 2, I know it’s shameful) and it made the story that slight bit more whimsical, especially by the appearance of snow! Reading this book really made me feel like it was mid-December, it was fantastic to really think about a time where I won’t melt in the heat!!

Anyway, enough about winter, Kiss Me in New York was such a feel-good read! The story contained all of the elements I love reading about from tight-knit family scenes to kindness to strangers. The development of the relationship between Charlotte and Anthony was slow and gentle but in the best way possible, nothing felt rushed and the characters just fitted into place as if they had known each other all their lives. The dynamic between the two was great, making it a real joy to read! While the book focused on them as a pair, it also showed some greatly strong themes of self-care and realising that there is light at the end of the tunnel. Their step-by-step guide led them on a new path and assisted them in realising that heartbreak isn’t doing to dictate their lives.

Charlotte is such a strong character too! Sometimes it can be hard to stop a city swallowing you up and especially when her situation was dumped on her but she managed to pull herself through it and she made the best of it. She kept herself upright (with some help from Anthony) despite everything and that is something I really admire in a character. Anthony wallowed a little bit more than Charlotte did but he slowly became more open and picked himself back up! The growth of both of the characters was great and I loved that they could simultaneously support themselves and each other.

I’m going to have to stop myself there because I feel like if I continue then I’ll just ramble and start repeating myself even more. Basically, I loved this book and my only qualm is that it wasn’t longer. If I hadn’t paced myself I would have devoured it in one sitting!

I definitely recommend this book for a fluffy winter romance read!!


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