If you’ve just come from my spoiler-free review of The Upside of Unrequited then welcome, I assume you already know my main thoughts! If you didn’t then I suggest you read it first as this post is just going to be a quick summary of my thoughts on the spoilery bits that I couldn’t mention in the first post! (Spoiler-free review here)

Let’s start with the obvious. I was so so so happy Molly and Reid ended up together!! They were so cute and their back and forth was so wonderful and entertaining to read, the dialogue between them was great! In my eyes, he was the obvious choice as I found Will to be slightly drab. Also, because I loved how easily things flowed between them; Molly wasn’t nervous, she was comfortable and happy talking to him and nothing felt forced the way they did with Will. I was very very very happy when he turned up on her porch, my heart melted.

I think the turning point for this book, and the moment it was all leading up to, was when Will admitted he liked Mina. In my eyes, it was completely unpredictable and I really liked that Albertalli kept it hidden for so long. I also liked that him admitting this to Molly set all sorts of cogs into motion and basically kicked off the whole ‘Molly is going to be brave’ thing. I was so so impressed that she texted Reid what she did, I wouldn’t have the balls to do it, haha! But yes, it didn’t feel rushed or forced which I was really grateful for!

Next up: the wedding at the end!! Ohhh I was so happy when Molly’s mums got married! It was such a lovely ceremony and I loved that everyone was happy and settled, there were no signs of negativity (minus Nadine’s sister but hey, maybe she’s starting to change) and it was an all-round great end to the book!

Honestly I’ve written these two posts so fast, I’ve kind of burned myself out so I’m sure there are many many more things I would love to write about but I can’t remember them, haha. I’m sorry this is so brief, it’s only an addition to the original post!

What are your thoughts on The Upside of Unrequited? Do you have any recommendations that are similar to this book? I’d love to read some more YA contemporaries like this!


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  1. I loved The Upside of Unrequited just as much as I loved Simon vs the Homo Sapiens agenda (which was a lot). The scene where the girls overhear their moms talking about how Nadine’s sister isn’t coming to the wedding broke my heart – the same thing happened to me (except my sister didn’t show up at the end).

    If you haven’t read it already, Bill Konningsburg’s Openly Straight might be up your alley. Happy reading!

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