MINI BOOK REVIEW: Heathen v. 1



Title: Heathen vol. 1

Author: Natasha Alterici

Genre: Graphic Novel/Fantasy

Rating: ★★★☆☆

Published: 20th January 2016

Publisher: Literati Press

Available at: Amazon

“Heathen Volume One collects the first four issues of the acclaimed fantasy series from creator Natasha Alterici. Aydis is a young Viking woman, who after being banished from her home, sets out on a mission to right the wrongs of a corrupt god. Her first move is to find and free the cursed Valkyrie Brynhild. Gods, demons, and creatures of lore, Heathen is packed with fun intriguing characters and lavish artwork. The trade features an oil painting cover, cover gallery, and a forward by award winning lesbian fiction author Geonn Cannon.”

This graphic novel is, essentially, a story about a lesbian viking who has been exiled from her own home and decides to take on the task of rescuing the former queen of the Valkyrie, Brynhild.

I’ll start with the good points then moved on to the less good points. The artwork in this was absolutely beautiful! The style and colour schemes were fantastic and worked really well with the story that was being conveyed.

The characters were also awesome. Our main character, Aydis, was a badass lesbian viking which in my books, is a fantastic combo. She’s experienced her fair share of hardships but is strong-willed enough to not let them consume her. We all love a strong, female character and I think Aydis ticked all the boxes so I was happy!

The story itself was really interesting and had the potential to be great but it didn’t really have the level of excitement I was expecting. I wasn’t overly eager to carry on reading or to find out what happens, which is a shame. I’d hoped for a fast-paced, action-packed graphic novel but I just didn’t get that from this one. 😦

By mini book review, I literally meant mini book review!! I haven’t read anything recently that warrants a larger one but I thought this graphic novel deserved a mention because I think there are a lot of people who would potentially enjoy it.

Do you have any graphic novel recommendations? I’d love to read some more!!

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